SoundsCloud Flashback: Music for People on Shelves


I used Ableton Live to produce in real-time and my wavetable glitch machine Max patch to make most of the noises, which I routed into Live using Soundflower.

This five year old set is one of the very first things I ever posted on SoundCloud and it’s 86 minutes from a live solo performance with Minneapolis Art on Wheels. Checkout the original posts here:

Video documentation:

The original article:

Waldorf Nave Arpeggiator Demo

There’s quite a lot you can do with Nave by Waldorf. The sonic range of the “next generation” wavetable synth is very broad. For this demo I wanted to experiment with programming a monophonic arpeggiator tone. At the start of this excerpt I had the drive set way up, then I gradually lowered it to nothing during the course of the phrase. I also made some on-screen-adjustments to the filter envelope to evolve the arpeggio.

I plan on spending a lot more time with Nave. If all you do is explore the presets most of them are over processed and harsh sounding. However, it really feels like a capable instrument if you’re willing to put the time into programming and playing it with a proper MIDI controller.