Summer Glau Triple Mash and Cooked by Teru

While browsing ccMixter recently I came across this track called Summer Glau by John Anealio remixed by Teru that incorporates sounds from ACB including Pro-One Dub and apparently Synthesizer Fifths Drone although I couldn’t make it out in the mix. In any case, after a bit more browsing I came across another Teru mix called Cooked (mega downtempo) that uses Synthesizer Fifths Drone, Rhodes Wah Wah, Electric Razor, and Door Stop all sounds I posted on I must admit that it is fun to come across examples of ACB samples being used by other artists. I’ve linked the tracks below, or visit Teru’s page on ccMixter to hear what else he has on offer. You can also checkout the Audio Cookbook Sample Pool to hear how other artists are using ACB samples.


Summer Glau Triple Mash
(vocal mix)
Summer Glau Triple Mash
(instrumental mix)