Squarp’s Pyramid Sequencer Firmware v1.0


Squarp’s Pyramid sequencer just got a new firmware update with the prestigious versioning of 1.0. I’ve had mine now for almost a year and have seen a slew of software updates during that time. The new features in 1.0 include a new LFO MIDI effect. These LFOs can be chained together creating all sorts of possibilities.

There’s also a ton of updates to how the screen behaves as well as chord learn, quick step edit, player tracking, and quick automation edit. All this adds up to more possibilities for an already feature-rich, dedicated sequencer.

I haven’t had a chance to dive into the new PyraOS v1.0 (available at Squarp) yet, but I’ll report on it as soon as I’ve had a chance to do some experimenting. For now have a look at the videos and documentation provided by Squarp. I’m continually impressed with how this small organization has responded to their customers and improved an already great device over time. Congratulations, Squarp!

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