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I have recently accepted a position as an adjunct instructor at the Slam Academy in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With two Ableton certified instructors the school is offering a variety of classes in electronic music, but also stretching out into topics like Max for Live and music for video games. I will be teaching occasional master classes and private lessons that focus on my listed specialties of Max/MSP, Max for Live, Processing, sound synthesis, and jazz theory. Please checkout the school at Slam Academy, or like the Facebook page for more information.

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  1. My name is Wojciech Morawski and I am a part of small company named lowertone which makes Max based apps and utilities. We have already made a release of the first pack of Max h.elpers – a free collection (CC license) of Max patches designed to make the patching process faster, improve its visibility and to encourage Max users to develop their skills. I think you could find it useful during your work at Slam Academy.

    Our idea is to give students a bunch of patches which deal with specific problems and can be freely used as abstractions. In that way one can easily use them to speed up patching or to learn how to solve some specific tasks they cope with.

    h.elpers is pack of 16 addons for Max/MSP, that should help in faster and easier prototyping and learning.

    h.elpers consist of:
    h.cpu~ – meter of CPU usage
    h.dac~ – audio output with limiter and recorder
    h.del~ – delay with feedback and freeze options
    h.dw~ – easy dry/wet control
    h.ext~ – dynamic external audio routing
    h.meter~ – customizable audio signal meter
    h.midi_Key – converting computer keyboard into midi input
    h.midi_S – mapping for midi signals
    h.pan~ – panning module
    h.print – easier printing with gate
    h.psd~ – pseudo stereo delay
    h.rec~ – faster audio recording
    h.slider~ – for using dB curves for 0. – 1. values
    h.solo~ – easy soloing of multiple signals
    h.soloStereo~ – easy soloing of multiple stereo signals
    h.vol~ – easier volume control

    Mac and Windows versions included!


    Take Care!

  2. Thanks, @Wojciech! I will take a look at them at my earliest convenience. Sounds like an ideal collection for jumpstarting the learning process. I’ll also pass this on to the other Slam Academy instructors. Cheers! -John

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