Sequence Made with Curve Shared Preset Synthesizer have recently released an excellent community-driven software synthesizer called Curve (downloadable demo available). The synth has three, aliasing-free oscillators, three five stage envelopes, two filters each with ten modes, and four LFOs that are either, beat, note, or frequency synced. One of the coolest things you can do is draw your waveforms in the editor. You can even randomize them for some interesting results. Here’s a sequence that I created and recorded without any processing using Curve. This is one of my first attempts at creating a patch in Curve and I shared it to the preset community (available within Curve’s interface) as Bouncy Arpeggiator by AudioCookbook. Stay tuned for a lot more from this powerful and great sounding software synth.

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4 thoughts on “Sequence Made with Curve Shared Preset Synthesizer

  1. I used an earlier, free version of Curve on a few tracks. It’s really nice, and when I get the extra money I’ll have to pick this version up.
    This is one of the presets I made, which probably isn’t compatible with the new version.

  2. Drawing waves for oscillators can also be done in Zebra 2 by u-he, either as geometrical shapes or freeform.

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