Real orchestra vs synth mockup – Part 5/6


This is the fifth part in a small series of blog posts I’ll make about the real-world differences between orchestral mockups (or synth orchestras) versus real orchestras. As a composer who is fortunate to work regularly with live orchestras, I’ll try to help show the difference from a decent demo recording, to a mixed and mastered finished recording.

For this example, I’ve chosen an exciting track from my album “Resonance Theory” called “Takedown”. It’s a no-holds-barred action trailer piece, with extreme amounts of energy, rises and synth work. Still, a huge role for orchestra and very demanding on the players. This is one section I knew no samples could never play…as they don’t exist!

This was lots of fun. A full orchestra doing a minor 3rd glissando. Every section was playing in unison, but naturally the brass comes to the fore when you have London’s finest absolutely leathering it. 8 Horns, 3 Trombones, 1 Cimbasso. AIR Lyndhurst, English Session Orchestra. This isn’t really a fair comparison… but hey, that’s why we use orchestras right? Try not to be constrained by the samples you’re writing on.

Live Orchestra 5 – Synth Orchestra 0.

Tom Player

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