Presets Feature Added to the GMS

The latest feature I have added to the GMS is a way to store ten presets. Each preset holds thirty-four distinct settings including all twelve note probability values, all seven duration probability values, note probabilities on/off, duration probabilities on/off, sustain on/off, free time mode vs bpm, dotted notes on/off, video mirroring on/off, tempo in BPM, note durations, transposition, scale, MIDI out channel, dotted note probabilities, note randomness, and octave range minimum and maximum. The presets can be changed by clicking a radio button, or pressing control plus the preset number. This feature makes it possible to instantly and dramatically change the behavior of the GMS. I also added a primitive save and load feature to mantain the content of the presets. Here’s a segment from a test recording.

GMS Preset Test Audio

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