POSC Pocket Oscillator

This weekend I built a POSC Pocket Oscillator by Sonodrome as a prototype sound design element for an interactive dance collaboration. The circuit is incredibly simple, as you can see by the photo, but the variety of sounds possible with the two pulse wave oscillators is impressive. The first oscillator is controlled by by the players skin resistance between two zinc plated contacts, while the second is controlled by an LDR (light dependent resistor). Rather than running independently the first oscillation modulates the second.

After testing the build, I temporarily setup the POSC in a small cardboard box and started making sounds. During one test I found that a circuit could be made with two people. when one person touches one contact and a second person touches the other, then the people touch each other the circuit is made with a lot of resistance creating a much slower pulse. Here’s an unprocessed sample edited out of my initial experimentation.

POSC Sample

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