Monotribe Meets Pro-One Part 4

Here we have the fourth example of microtracks made with the Korg Monotribe synchronized with the Sequencial Circuits Pro-One. The odd time in this case is caused by setting the number of active steps differently for the synthesizer versus the drums — a new feature that was added with the Monotribe 2.0 software update.

Diego Stocco at the Art of Music in LA

I have recently become aware of an excellent sound design and music event series held at the Bleicher Gallery in Santa Monica, CA. The series is titled The Art of Music and on March 25, 2012 they will feature a showcase by one of my favorite sound artists, Diego Stocco, as well as a performance by Nat Evans. The purpose of the series is to present “…an oasis in Hollywood for criminally overlooked music, giving media professionals a unique chance to discover new resources, discuss upcoming projects and forge new creative partnerships.” Checkout the details at

Monotribe Meets Pro-One Part 3: Two Sequences

This is the third example from a collection of microtracks that feature the Korg Monotribe synchronized in various ways with the Sequential Circuits Pro-One. In this piece I switched between the two available sequences on the Pro-One while manipulating controls on both instruments.

Monotribe Meets Pro-One Part 2

Here’s the second microtrack from a series of experiments featuring the Korg Monotribe and my SCI Pro-One. It would be remiss to leave out the use of the Memory Man on the Pro-One for some distorted dub-delay. This particular piece has odd times and flams happening that were a bit of an accident. It could of been caused by dropping a beat somewhere using the active step function on the Monotribe, but I was also synchronizing with the DAW, so my sync loop may have been misaligned. In any case I liked what I heard and let it form the basis of this study.

Monotribe Meets Pro-One Part 1

Here’s the first in a series of microtracks I’ll be sharing here on ACB that I produced with a Korg Monotribe synchronized in a variety of ways with my SCI Pro-One. The nice thing about the Monotribe is that it has sync in/out that works perfectly with the Pro-One gate in/out functionality. I wasn’t sure if this would work or not so my friend Lukas brought his over and we tested it before I committed to buying one. I was quite pleased to find out that it works both ways meaning I can either sync the Monotribe with the LFO on the Pro-One, or sync the Pro-One to the tempo on the Monotribe.

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