100 Strange Sounds No. 43 – Water Bubbles

A few months ago I came across a series of sound design video experiments produced by Joo Won Park. I have not had the time to check all of them out, but the ones that I have tried so far are all very interesting. Instead of leaving the sound as is Joo Won slowly applies processing to the recording creating a new perspective for the listener. Here’s a recent addition to his series, Water Bubbles.

Machine Machine Touchscreen Instrument

Machine Machine (2013) is a 32″ touchscreen installation that functions as an electronic instrument. Granular synthesis is used to loop “grains” of sound and video at variable lengths and frequencies. These parameters are based on the y-axis of the touch point on the monitor. The x-axis determines the position of the grain within the timeline. The piece was exhibited last month at the Northrup King Building in Minneapolis during Art-a-Whirl and for Visual Storage; the MCAD MFA thesis exhibition.
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