Old Amplifier Abuse

A couple of weeks ago, while working in the studio with Nils Westdal, we decided to experiment with an old amplifier that has a built in spring reverb. We plugged the direct out into a firewire interface and hit the record button in the software. Nothing was plugged into the amp, but by turning up the reverb knob all the way and the volume most of the way up, the spring reverb became very sensitive to vibrations. All that was left to do was to bang the amp around a bit while capturing the output.

Spring Reverb

5 thoughts on “Old Amplifier Abuse

  1. We did something close to this with an old Crate amp head that had a spring reverb. We fed the output back into the input, and recorded it with a mic. then we just tweaked the hell out of the spring, attached stuff to it, that kind of thing. It was absolutely bizarre. I’ll see if I can post a clip on my website.

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  3. I posted some of the similar stuff we did here:


    though listening back on it its not nearly as cool as the sounds you posted, more oscillating and less open reverb from our recording.

    Question for you, when you record 30 minutes or so of samples how do you quickly make clips out of the stuff you want to post? I find that it takes me forever.

    Thanks for all you do, this is one of my favorite blogs!


  4. Grant, those sound great. I especially like Section 4. As far as editing clips, I don’t think it’s any secret that Ableton Live is my favorite software. Although, as an instructor I use lots of other tools including Pro Tools, Audacity, MaxMSP to name a few. I always come back to Ableton for producing on a deadline. Once learned the interface lets you fly through tasks like butter.

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