Obliterating Audio with Photoshop

So far my examples of Processing Sound Using Photoshop have been recognizable in comparison to the original versions. In my initial experiments my intent was to apply subtle changes as a reference. However, it’s interesting to hear what happens without restraint. Here I applied the Wave filter, which in many respects is analogous to sound. For example, you can assign a sine, square, or triangle wave to process the image. This filter changes the sound so dramatically that you might very well get similar results from altogether different sound sources. Imagine an ensemble of people wobbling sheets of flexible material in sync with each other.

Wave Electric Piano Pattern

3 thoughts on “Obliterating Audio with Photoshop

  1. The last few posts have been so interesting and inspiring! The photosounder/photoshop combination has got me intrigued about approaching sound-design from this angle.

    I really appreciate your restless experimentation.

    – c

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