Music From Outer Space Creator Ray Wilson Needs Our Help

2010-03-14 12.54.18

I built my Weird Sound Generator (WSG) by Ray Wilson of Music From Outer Space in March, 2010. This was a really fun project and gave me the confidence to move on to loads of other endeavors including a delicate Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter repair job in 2011. MFOS kits are a great way to learn about synth building and electronics. Extensive instructions and documentation are provided to make the process clear and enjoyable.

After all the help Ray has provided synthesizer builders and enthusiasts over the years, now he could use a little help from us for medical expenses due to stage 4 cancer. Whether or not you have had the opportunity to enjoy his instruments, music, or hilarious website please consider donating. Read the moving funding campaign and donate at the link below.

Click here to help fund Ray’s medical expenses.

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