iPad only Track with Samplr, iSEM, Figure, QuNexus


I started this track on the plane during a recent trip to Seattle, Washington. Being away from my studio for a few days, I brought along my iPad and QuNexus to produce a few tracks while traveling. I decided to use Samplr as the foundation for this piece because I enjoy its simplicity and intuitive interface. It also offers a unique way to work in contrast to mobile DAWs that are usually analogues of their PC based counterparts.

I started out by experimenting with the kora samples included with one of the Samplr demos, arpeggiating and processing them in different ways. The rest of the sounds were produced with Propellerhead Figure and iSEM from Arturia that I played with the QuNexus. Once I had the tracks organized I performed the mix in Samplr while capturing the results in AudioShare.

2 thoughts on “iPad only Track with Samplr, iSEM, Figure, QuNexus

  1. This is quite a nice piece of generative music, I’ve been putting together racks in Ableton recently working towards a similar effect. On the topic of mobile devices generating tones etc… I watched an ‘In the studio with Bonobo’ the other day and he’s samples from a few iPhone apps for certain noises.

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