Good Copy Bad Copy

The conversation happening under Acceptable Use of Factory Presets and Samples? is starting to reflect the subject matter that is examined in the film Good Copy Bad Copy, so I thought it would be a good idea to reference it here in case any ACB readers haven’t seen it yet. I have been showing this one hour long documentary to friends and students since its release in 2007 and highly recommend it.

Good Copy Bad Copy is a fascinating look at the current state of copyright law and how it clashes with popular culture. The film has extended interviews with artists like Danger Mouse and Girl Talk, industry big wigs like Dan Glickman CEO of the MPAA, and IP and music copyright expert Dr. Lawrence Ferrara director of the music department at NYU. It covers the Brazilian phenomenon Techno Brega, a form of electronic music that merges western pop songs with latin styles, and takes a look at the rapidly expanding Nigerian film industry. The film can be viewed here at ACB, at their website, or legally downloaded from a torrent (

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