GMS Practice Track Number 3

top_lightsI’ve almost finished with my initial round of tweaking and bug fixing on the GMS, so I’ve finally been able to put a bit more time into actually using the software for its intended purpose. My most recent work with it involves a companion document in Ableton Live that loads a number of virtual instruments into about nine separate MIDI tracks. Ableton provides the external sync via the Apple IAC (Inter-Application Communication) drivers. In turn, the GMS sends MIDI note on and off data to the instruments in Ableton. Using this method I can live loop on various tracks and build a multi-timbral composition in real-time. Here’s an example for a recent practice session.

GMS Practice Practice Track Number 3

4 thoughts on “GMS Practice Track Number 3

  1. Is GMS downloadble at all? Would be great to give it a try…great site. Really enjoy the one sound every day project.

  2. @powlow Not yet, but I will make it available as a free beta sometime in the near future. I want to put it through its paces for at least a month or two, then we’ll see how much pressure I’m put under to release it. ;)

  3. ok well good luck with the testing and the performances…I will “exert pressure” when the time comes :)

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