Fourteen Live Mixes from Ostracon: Track 11

Here’s track eleven from the Ostracon live recordings that I have been sharing. Starting with track ten the roughs are from the last of three performances. These last five (track ten through fourteen) I took a slightly different approach by completely eliminating the use of virtual instruments. At this stage I was enamored with the Roland MKS-80, so I used it exclusively during this last performance. The MKS-80 has sixteen VCOs, but it’s multitimbral capabilities are limited to a dual mode and a split mode. Therefore, to get multiple layers of textures I simply recorded live loops of audio triggered by the GMS and stacked them accordingly. There are three tracks left in this series, so if you’d like to hear the compete sequence, please drop a line, share, like, or pat me on the back. Thanks for listening!

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