Falling Objects Synchronized to Produce Rhythm

Gravité from Renaud Hallée on Vimeo.

It has been around for a while, but I just came across this very clever piece by Montréal based artist, Renaud Hallée. His composition uses video and sound from falling objects edited together to produce some nice rhythms with a few unexpected twists. Hint: it’s not all tennis balls.

5 thoughts on “Falling Objects Synchronized to Produce Rhythm

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  2. That was great, I also watched the other video as well, both are very interesting and creative. I wonder how long it took him to complete the filming and editing of the above video?

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  4. Oh! given enough time and boredom anybody could come up with the cut and paste job that was this total waste of time. woot./yay. le sigh. it must be “art”.

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