DKO with Douglas Ewart and Steve Goldstein

Jon Davis extracted this three minute segment from more than two hours of improvisation we recorded using my PCM D-50 at our last monthly performance at the Acadia Cafe in Minneapolis, September 25, 2012. On this occasion we had the pleasure of joining forces with multi-instrumentalist Douglas Ewart and percussionist Steve Goldstein. The original post is on

One thought on “DKO with Douglas Ewart and Steve Goldstein

  1. I enjoy every opportunity to collaborate, venture and the prospects of finding new sounds and realities. I am not concerned about what people think about what I am doing anymore, especially musicians and critics, as they are the worst, as they think they know it all. They are very dangerous and quite limiting, and that included me!!! Arrogance is detrimental to all, especially to transformation, innovation and the realization of new vistas!!! Stay open, Stay True and questing!

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