DGK at the Red Stag Supper Club Set 2

I found a nice little description of our trio DGK on the Red Stag event calendar: “DGK is a Minneapolis supergroup of sorts, comprised of bassist/clarinetist Jon Davis (Ghostband, Haunted House, Black Audience), drummer Tim Glenn (Heatdeath, ex-Fog, ex-Poor Line Condition) and keyboardist John Keston (Ostracon, Ostraka, Keston and Westdal). Blending elements of jazz, funk, afrobeat, krautrock and post-punk with a dancefloor sensibility, the trio builds sprawling improvisations atop a foundation of rock solid groove.” Here is the second set from our performance on February 19, 2011 at the Reg Stag. I previously posted the first set in the article Music Technology Soul Searching and will post the third set in an upcoming article. One Synthesizer Sound Everyday listeners, be prepared for healthy portions of Rhodes and Pro-One through Memory Man delay. (Photo by Chris LeBlanc)

DGK at the Red Stag Set 2

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