Crackly Analogue Synth Effect

While programming synthesizers as much as I am lately I often come up with unintentional sounds along the way like this effect that crackles randomly as an underlying low frequency throbs along with it.

Crackly Analogue Synth Effect

4 thoughts on “Crackly Analogue Synth Effect

  1. Hi Anton. Unfortunately, all I can do is guess because I didn’t save the patch, but I was using the random waveform on the LFO and I had the resonance way up and the cutoff way down, then I routed the filter to the LFO. That should at least get you started. Cheers!

  2. I think it’s possible to get the crackles easily by just randomizing a filter with some resonance, but what I’m curious about is why it feels so round and bubbly. Does the random waveform on the synth you’re using have some kind of slew limiting? Now I’m curious to try some sort of Noise -> S&H -> Slew Limiter -> Filter settings and see if I can get that.

  3. You’re right. It does sound like slew limiting or portamento even though it was not arpeggiated. I might have had the LFO routed to the oscillator pitch as well which could caused the bubbly effect.

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