Classic Video Game Sounds on Vintage Analog Synthesizers

I often find myself producing similes of classic video game sounds on my vintage analog gear like the Pro-One, Casio CZ-1000, Juno-106, MKS-80, or in this case on the Oberheim OB-8 that I am borrowing. Usually this involves pulse wave oscillators, LFO modulation, or high-speed arpeggiation. Aside from being nostalgic it is a good exercise for learning the synthesizer’s controls. Here’s some Pacman-esque sounds done on the OB-8. I converted it to mono and left it unprocessed to exemplify it’s vintage sound.

Classic Video-Game-Like Sound

One thought on “Classic Video Game Sounds on Vintage Analog Synthesizers

  1. Hi, I stumbled on this entry while searching for information about vintage synths and sound software used to create video game soundtracks. I was wondering if you knew any details about how PS1-era music was produced, namely music from games like Final Fantasy VII-IX and Silent Hill. Were there particular synths or DAWs that were popular during the mid- to late-90s that a lot of composers were using? I’m also interested in Konami’s in-house music team during the 80s and 90s; I think they’re called the Konami Kukeiha Club. Do you know where I could find more information about their production methods?

    Thanks for putting this blog up and thanks for your time!


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