Busker with Battery Powered Dancing Dolls

I came across this busker in a Times Square subway station surrounded by several battery powered dolls gyrating to his music. Fortunately I had my Sony PCM-D50 along to capture a few minutes of his performance, and a few dollars for his tip bucket. The scene was surreal and difficult to describe, but enchanting never-the-less.

He was an older gentleman wearing an over sized beige trench coat hunched over a Yamaha electric organ playing an uptempo rendition of La Vie En Rose. The dolls were similar to those annoying dancing Santas, but among them there was a gyrating saxophone player and a creepy, blond, female, dancing doll with “sound, moving head, hands and buttocks”, as described on the web and shown here.

Battery Powered Dancing Dolls


2 thoughts on “Busker with Battery Powered Dancing Dolls

  1. I am trying to create a doll with a stabbing motion and cannot seem to find a small enough oscillating motor. I would like one that is battery operated and doesn’t move too fast.

    – Lenisa

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