Audio Technology Research Funding

After nearly two years free of advertising, I have decided to include sponsorships on AudioCookbook. This was not a decision that came easily, but I concluded that advertising was not bothering me on other sites, similar to ACB that I visit regularly, so perhaps it won’t bother me here. In any case, all the funds that are collected from sponsors and donations will go into an account that will be used exclusively for research projects that will be featured on ACB. The cost of the equipment and software that I purchase for these projects will surely exceed any income by these means, but perhaps it will help offset the expense.

What helped lead me down this path was an offer from TuneCore to participate in their affiliate program. I am one of the partners of Unearthed Music and we have used TuneCore for digital distribution since September, 2006. We have used other distribution and licensing agencies before, and still do (until we can get out of our contracts), but what makes TuneCore unique is that they do not take a percentage of your royalties. Instead they charge a one-time delivery fee, followed by affordable yearly storage fees. Our label has had much better returns with TuneCore than other services, so I feel comfortable endorsing them.

I hope the advertising on ACB does not turn anyone away. I plan to keep the ads discreet and the content of the same nature as it has been for the last year and ten months. No reviews, just continued experimentation and research into whatever weird and wonderful sound discoveries we make or find along the way. If you have thought on this, please share them. Reader feedback, comments and opinions are one of the main reasons why I continue to create content for ACB.

2 thoughts on “Audio Technology Research Funding

  1. I think it’s a good idea. It costs money to build the awesome things you build, and if you can have some help from advertising, why not.

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