An Exclusive Holiday Gift from Ostraka

Here’s a set I recorded live to Ableton during a performance at Nick and Eddie Thursday Funhouse hosted by Jon Davis, December 16, 2010. This is all new material that I’ve been working on, except for the last track, which is a remix of Illuminator Console from Precambrian Resonance (Unearthed Music 2009). Here’s the download link for the 37:28 minute set hosted on Unearthed Music. Expect to hear lots of Grain Machine, as well as synth sounds from the Casio CZ-1000, the Korg MS2000, the Roland D-50, my Sequential Circuits Pro-One, some old Hammond rhythm programs, and even a little bit of Rhodes electric piano.

Download Live Ostraka Set at Nick and Eddie Thursday Funhouse (89.9 MB)

15 thoughts on “An Exclusive Holiday Gift from Ostraka

  1. Hi John: Thanks for such great music. I’ve really enjoyed listening to you and Westdal.

    I downloaded the Ostraka set at Nick and Eddie’s, but the file won’t play in iTunes or WMP. Did other people have any problem. WMP says the file is unrecognizable. Thanks – Tom

  2. Out of 240 downloads no one else has reported a problem. Please try another browser, or media player. The mix is a 320kbps VBR mp3 rendered from a 24 bit .wav file, so it’s possible that WMP doesn’t handle files of that quality, although it works in iTunes on my end. If it still doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll put up a 192kbps version.

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  6. I finally got a chance to sit down and listen to this. It’s fantastic! Loving the new work…when is the next album. The track leading into about the halfway mark is so eerily introspective and simple.

  7. Thanks for listening, Grant! And for taking the time to comment. There has been nearly 400 downloads. Not sure if that means anything, but you’re one of just a few who’ve spoken up about it. Cheers! -John

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  9. i am having a hard time downloading. its just not letting me. i would like the best quality version, but the link seems to be dead, sending me to a 404 page


  10. Hi Lewis. Sorry for the late reply. The holiday gift Ostraka mix was erased in a recent server crash and I haven’t had a chance to put it back in place yet. I’ll post another comment once it’s recovered.

  11. I just wanted you to know that I still listen to this regularly, and that it really was a gift that keeps on giving. Next time I’m in the Twin Cities for more than 12 hours I’ll need to catch a live show. Keep it up!

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