Fourteen Live Mixes from Ostracon: Track 11

Here’s track eleven from the Ostracon live recordings that I have been sharing. Starting with track ten the roughs are from the last of three performances. These last five (track ten through fourteen) I took a slightly different approach by … Continue reading

Control the GMS Via Ableton Live

Currently I am busy preparing for the Ostracon show at the In / Out Festival of Digital Performance that is coming up on September 17 and 18 in New York (we are playing on the Saturday the 18th at 9:30pm). … Continue reading

Five Output Atemporal Looper

Here’s a screen grab of a patch I’m working on to successively loop five phrases of sound repetitively. For example, looping another phrase after the fifth time will replace the first and so on. The goal of this patch is … Continue reading