Audiovisual Grain Machine Demo

Here’s a quick demo of the software I am designing to do audiovisual granular synthesis that I’ll be presenting at Moogfest and performing with at Echofluxx. It allows a performer to apply granular synthesis to sound and corresponding video using … Continue reading

DGK Improv with Drums, Soprano Sax, Pro-One, Monotron, Posc, and Grain Machine

This 1:52 minute segment of improvisation from the DGK performance at Try This 2 on March 25, 2011 contains drums by Tim Glenn, Soprano Sax by Jon Davis, and jumble sale of gear played by yours truly. These instrument include, … Continue reading

Grain Machine Sample from Live Performance

Here’s a sound I produced during a live set at Nick and Eddie for the Thursday Funhouse series under my Ostraka moniker. You can download the entire set that I released as a holiday gift last month. I used Grain … Continue reading

Grain Machine Update and Layered Experiment

Here’s a new look at the Grain Machine M4L device. Since last time I have updated the device to allow drag and drop samples that are stored with the Live set, and added a visual for the filter that’s controlled … Continue reading

Grain Machine Max for Live Instrument

Something I have been meaning to do for a while was convert the MaxMSP instrument that I titled the Wavetable Glitch Machine (WTGM) into a Max for Live patch. The WTGM uses a TouchOSC interface running on an iPhone, iPod … Continue reading