1972 Dialogue Processed with Distort Plaster Photoshop Filter

Testing the newest version of Photosounder gave me an opportunity to apply some Photoshop filters to sound that I had not yet tried. I experimented with halftone patterns, lens blur, pixelated color halftones, the patchwork filter, and the smudge tool.

One of the more interesting filters ended up being the plaster effect under distort. The plaster effect has a relief setting to give the image a 3D look, but also smooths the insides of areas within the image. This eliminated the noise between the speech, but also made the dialogue virtually unintelligible.

1972 Dialogue Through Distort Plaster

One thought on “1972 Dialogue Processed with Distort Plaster Photoshop Filter

  1. Interesting, and definitely not what I expected, since airbrushing things out is the big goto thing with the lossless mode ;-). I could see such an effect being used in a science fiction movie.

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