Normalized Binaural Back Alley Ambiance

One of the very first tests I made using my DIY binaural mics was this example of back alley ambiance. I stood as still as possible because this first version of the headset had a stiff cable that was very sensitive to vibrations. Birds and traffic are the most obvious sounds, but there is a high pitched screeching going on throughout the recording that became even more noticeable after applying normalization. While making the recording I actually took the mics out of my ears to make sure they weren’t generating the tone and I knew I wasn’t going crazy when it turned up in the recording. The sound is either a near by train, or a neighbor using a power tool. It sounds more like a tool, but the freight trains that go through my neighborhood make some very similar sounds to this.

Binaural Back Alley Ambiance

4 thoughts on “Normalized Binaural Back Alley Ambiance

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  2. sure you weren’t getting scalar freqs from power lines? sounds like interference. thanks, i’m hip

  3. You know, I never thought of that, but if I remember correctly I was hearing the sound as I made the recording. Is it possible that the mic capsules in my ears actually picked up the interference and made it audible? Might be an interesting experiment to try and measure it.

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