Nice Evolving Arpeggio in Seven

I’m enjoying the sound of things like this more than I ought of late. I programmed the sound and processed it via the usual suspects.

Nice Evolving Arpeggio in Seven by Ostraka

13 thoughts on “Nice Evolving Arpeggio in Seven

  1. Very nice.
    I was looking for a similar sound, lately.
    Could you kindly provide some details on the recipe?
    (Even if I’m not a lucky owner of a MKS80).

  2. Well, you need to start with a polyphonic synthesizer, either analog or anlog modeling. Sync the oscillators set to pulse or square wave. Add a touch of slow pulse width mod to one of them. Put a fast attack on the envelopes with a relatively quick decay on the filter env. Lengthen out the release for that plucked string like quality. Tweek to your taste then douse it in copious amounts of delay and reverb to finish it off. I used two ping pong delays in series. The first set to sync on quarters and the second on quarter note tuplets.

  3. Wonderful sound! I listened to it 5 times over. Did you also pan the sound output or is that a side-effect of the delay?

  4. Thanks, Wouter! Yeah, I forgot to mention that I used Ableton’s autopan processor on the track itself. Of course the ping pong delays also contribute to the stereo spread.

  5. Really nice tone ! I try with the info you gve but i still have nothing as amazing as your tone !
    Do a screenshot or let the ableton file on download it would be awesome !
    nice work – I enjoyd it a lot – thanks

  6. Thanks, @Emmanuel. I think the Ableton processing has little to do with it. You’ll need to start with a good analog poly. What are you driving?

  7. i’m in with analog on ableton and i do like you say
    Pulse + Square osc – slow pulse on one – fast attack quick decay nice release ping pong triplets + reverb + autopan.

    You do something amazing i really feel this arpeggio

  8. Yes ! They bring a feeling i can’t actually reproduce virtually
    i wonder how was the sound before processing in ableton !
    I will try until i get something near
    Thanks !

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