Maxi-Korg Repeat Function

I literally dusted off my Maxi-Korg today which had been stored in a closet for well too long. To my surprise after a minimal amount of wiping and moving the controls it still sounded as clean as the last time I used it. This synth really sucks you in. After spending a couple of hours creating sounds I decided to experiment with the repeat function.

The repeat function has two sliders; one for speed and the other for the duration or width of the note repeating. It also has a mode switch. I set the mode to “A” to retrigger the note I was playing, then fussed with the speed and width to get this wet, growling, engine like noise. For the time being, I’m leaving this beast in my studio so expect to hear more from the Maxi-Korg in the future.

Maxi-Korg Repeat Function

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  1. The Maxi-Korg is Maxi-Kool! I’m glad you dusted this one off and warmed up those old circuits in time for Christmas!

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