Juno-106 Glitchy Drone

Here’s another excerpt from the glitches that I recorded while the voice chip was failing on my Roland Juno-106. In this section I was just holding a note without touching any other controls, so all the variations in the sound were caused by the autonomous shorting that was going on inside the faulty 80017a voice chip.

Juno-106 Glitchy Drone

2 thoughts on “Juno-106 Glitchy Drone

  1. Sounds like a circuit bent instrument actually…maybe you wire an external switch that would allow you go to back and forth between a working and a not-as-working 80017a voice chip on the fly…?

  2. Hey Grant! That would be a pretty cool, mod. It sounds to me like those shorts have randomly variable amounts of resistance. Could be cool to discover where the shorts are and put some pots between them. Maybe a project for another one in disrepair. I kinda wanna put this one in a glass box after six weeks of tinkering.

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