Horse Whinnies and Snorts

TennesseeI recently had the opportunity to gather some horse neighs, whinnies and snorts at an equestrian event. Apparently, when separating a horse from other horses it identifies as part of it’s herd, it will neigh or whinny more frequently. I was holding Tennessee while his friend Ginger was competing in a dressage competition.

I switched on my recorder to capture his vocalized separation anxiety. He wasn’t too anxious because most of the time he spent eating grass. However, every so often he’d take a break from grazing to protest his situation with a whinny or snort. I edited them all close together, but each sound was recorded at a different level, so be prepared for some volume changes.

Tennessee Winnies and Snorts

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  1. Horses have different identities when separating from the other horses or just stick to the herd. Their sounds are really different at all when it comes to that situation, and when recording it, its really making a big difference.

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