ACB Reader Involvement Requested

unearthed-musicI have agreed to release my solo album with Unearthed Music on July 28, 2009. This will correspond with exactly one years worth of entries in the One Sound Every Day category on ACB. Since all of the pieces included in this work were inspired by my almost-daily-sound-experiments, it’s a fitting date to release the fruits of my labor. The album is nearly finished and will be released under my Ostraka moniker. Before I master the album I would like to involve ACB readers in the production process by polling you for suggestions.

What are your favorite sounds or micro-tracks that I’ve shared with you during this period? I plan on including four to six pieces from the ACB archives on the release. If you have an opinion about what should go on the album, please respond with a link to the post that has the sound in a comment to this entry. Thanks!

Here’s my latest mix of Blitzen Machine to give you a taste of what to expect from the album.

Blitzen Machine

8 thoughts on “ACB Reader Involvement Requested

  1. I would vote for all the unprocessed dirty rhodes samples

    and, that one sound you once recorded walking up some stairs in a close space and then opening the door

    ah! and the fire recording, i liked that one too!


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