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Stove Top AudioDuring my life as a musician, audio engineer and sound designer I have always been fascinated by the unique ways we construct believable sound environments. The concept of is to pass on what we have learned as sound designers, foley artists, musicians and engineers by hosting “recipes for sound design”. This can include all sorts of things we do as audio professionals to create great sounding productions. From crazy foley techniques to step-by-step sound design tutorials.

Plenty of great sites offer terabytes of pre-recorded audio files. That’s not the purpose here. The goal is to share fun and useful techniques on how to create high quality, original sound effects. Perhaps this will lead people to reach for the microphone instead of browsing for needle drop. To help illustrate techniques, an integrated media plugin routes audio or video files directly into a player within posts. If you’re an audio professional and interested in sharing your techniques we please consider participating.

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  1. I’m making simple sound design for a reading of the play Copenhagen, by Martin Frayn. Have tucked up several ideas from your stimulating site. Merci!

  2. Hi, I was doing a search on my hometown and came across your site. Very interesting tune you named after Cuba, Illinois. If you’d like a photo of the real Cuba, IL, write to me at the email above and I’d be happy to send you a nice pic of the town square.


  3. Hey..
    I’ve been reading your website since it came across in GOOGLE (LOL… they dont lie when the say Google has everything) and I think it’s great, I found it very interesting.
    I’m going to Audio Production soon, so i’m a new guy on everything. It would be really nice if you put something to guide and teach us essentials of what we need to learn and do.
    People like me feel a little lost of what I need to do, and what could I learn before I begin college, and decide what college I’ll be Assisting.

    Gracias por un website tan suave!!
    Tambien los Mexicanos leemos

  4. Only just discovered Audio Cookbook (which is embarrassing being an avid reader of Peter’s CDM which I am sure references here), but plan on spending the day getting ‘caught up’ ;-)

    Looks to be a rabbit hole of audio inspirations and look forward to joining in the discussions and the fun!

    Also, feel free to ‘stop by’ my own ‘audio diary’ and say hello. I am certainly moved to do a bit more documentation there after seeing the excellent job you have done here and experiencing the osmosis of inspirations upon my creativity via your sharing information and technique :)

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