DSI Tempest Synthesized Clavinet


I recently programmed this synthesized clavinet sound using the DSI Tempest. There are no samples involved, only analog oscillators. It turned out to be quite effective thanks to the speedy envelopes in the Tempest synthesis engine. I added a little reverb and delay to give it a little bit of space. I also used a sustain pedal on part of the phrase, something that you cannot do on a Hohner E7.

Tempest Synthesized Clavinet

2 thoughts on “DSI Tempest Synthesized Clavinet

  1. Hi Amaysin. Actually you can download the system exclusive data so that you can load it directly into the Tempest. But, if you don’t have a Tempest and are looking for a tutorial on how to create a synthesized clav sound using subtractive synthesis in general, let me know and I can post some steps.

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