What Do You Use to Generate Subharmonic Frequencies?

Played these chords on the Super Jupiter the same day I recorded the last sound. As is my habit, I programmed the patch without saving it, so this will be a one off microtrack unless I decide to reverse engineer the sound for one reason or another. Again, I decided to apply the same technique to add the bass frequencies as I did before (adding it to another layer, dropping the pitch an octave, and running it through a low pass filter). Out of curiosity, what processors do you use to create subharmonic frequencies in your work? Do you use hardware or software? What in your opinion are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Polyphonic Synth with Subs (Part 2)

5 thoughts on “What Do You Use to Generate Subharmonic Frequencies?

  1. I have a dbx 120 Subharmonic Processor, its awesome on some material but can change the sound of the the bass for the worst on others. I really like it although (and this will sound terrible) I miss the ease and recall of a plugin when using hardware. Bottom line is it has a uneque sound and I like it.

  2. Hey Sam. Thanks for the note. I’ll likely be trying out the Wave LoAir soon since it will be a part of the new studio at the school where I teach.

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