Weird Message

adapterEvery so often I save certain voice messages. Usually because they are entertaining, strange, or sometimes infuriating. I eventually end up deleting them after a while. I decided to preserve this weird message from a friend who might identify himself after hearing this, because he is a regular reader and is also not the shy type.

I had not tried to preserve any sort of voice messages for a long time, remembering that it had been arduous process. However, I had purchased an adapter to listen to FM radio with normal headphones for my Sony Ericsson mobile phone. All I had to do was connect the adapter to the mic-in on my MacBook Pro and record away. I was even able to attenuate the levels via the volume adjust on the phone itself. Here’s the recording. I’ve left some of the sounds around the message in place to put it in context.

Weird Message

3 thoughts on “Weird Message

  1. Love it! I get a lot of international calls and I get all kinds of great static and clicks on my voicemail.

  2. taking it to my liveset ..

    ive already used some of your samples (e.g. dam noize, reversed orchestra)…

    will post a link when the liveset is done :)

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