Warning: Unpleasant Audio of Sound Card Glitch

m-audioAfter upgrading my G4 to Safari 4.0.2 today, my M-Audio 2496 PCI bus internal sound card started making this horrible sound anytime audio was played on it. My first instinct was to capture the sound so I plugged a cable into my laptop and grabbed a few seconds of it in Audacity. Listen at your own risk. It’s loud and unpleasant, but somehow fun and delightful (reminding me of someone I once dated in the past). Fortunately after reinstalling the drivers it started behaving properly again (unfortunately this technique doesn’t work on partners).

Sound Card Glitch

4 thoughts on “Warning: Unpleasant Audio of Sound Card Glitch

  1. Sounds like some kind of awful car horn, or door bell.

    I should make it into an awful ring tone.

  2. There seems to be some kind of harmony in the sound as there is a lower drone going on under the high glitch, i think its some combination of B, E-flat, and F-sharp?
    The lower drone-like undertone really gives it an ambient feel, almost has a Brian Eno quality about it. ‘Music for Inside a Computer’ perhaps?! haha, it really is an unpleasant yet delightful sound!

  3. That would make it a B major triad. I hear the B and the Eb. There are some crazy overtones in there too. Thanks for the analysis. Cheers!

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