Barrio Drop

I’ve had the week off from work so I’ve been able to spend some late nights in the studio. This piece was recorded and produced in only two sessions – long ones. I put aside my usual spastic bass playing and used a different left hand muting technique making for a more earthy or woody tone. I wish I could say I was even close to having a vintage synth collection such as John Keston does but I’m not even close. In this track I’m mainly using Analog Factory. All of the drum sounds were sampled and then programed with the exception of my skillfully played shaker! Barrio Drop is just a working title for now.

Prophesser #5

I’m not going to mention software or instruments that I’ve used. I will mention that one of my main artistic functions has been the roll of a bass player since age 11. In this case the bass guitar has been silenced. This is not the first time I’ve produced music without the use of my reliable four stringed chum but maybe the first time I’ve used a foreign instrument as the key writing tool, and may very well be a catalyst for my fourth full length release as ten72. This track has the working title of Prophesser #5.

Prophesser #5

Bicycle Family by Ten72

Nils Westdal has been quietly toiling on his third ten72 effort, Bicycle Family, for four long years. And finally it has reached his meticulous standards for release. The compositions produced in this collection glisten with polish yet grate with a filthy grit in all the right places. As with all Unearthed Music releases, every single track is playable in full on the releases page. So, listen for free, or support independent music by purchasing the album either directly from UEM, iTunes, or your e-distributor of choice. Here’s one of my favorite downtempo masterpieces from the album, Water Color Dream.

Water Color Dream
by ten72, 2010 © Unearthed Music

Tone Matrix Composition

I recently stumbled upon a Flash instrument called Tone Matrix created by Andre Michelle. This is a slick little sine wave synthesizer triggered by a simple sixteen step sequencer. After goofing around with it for a half hour I decided to record some of what I was doing. So, here is a little ditty called “Faded Diary” inspired by Tone Matrix. The main morphing pattern in this composition is the piece that I recorded from my Tone Matrix session. The rest is an assemblage of synth, fretless bass guitar, and lots of little programmed bits. Check out Audio Tool too. Fun Stuff!

Faded Diary


Colors Shifting Remix by ten72

A few years back I decided to enter a remix contest presented by ccMixter and XLR8R Magazine. The track to be remixed was “Colors Shifting” by Ghostly International recording artist Christopher Willits. Of course the contest was almost over when I started so I was really just doing it for shear creativity. I used only a small amount of samples that were available which included a string section, voice and guitar sound I think. One of my favorite sections of this remix was created by sampling my own bass harmonics and then programing them into a pretty melodic pattern. I had a couple email conversations with Chris himself letting him know that I couldn’t finish it in time. He was nice enough to let me know he would consider a late submission but I ended up working on it for another month and kept it to myself until now. 


Listen to the original version of Colors Shifting.