In this no-overdubs-performed-live track a paraphonic chord pattern from the Korg Volca Keys is prominently featured. I used several other favorites in the piece including the Roland D-50, Roland Juno-106 arpeggiated by Ableton, Novation Bass Station II, and the DSI Tempest. There’s also signature delay feedback swells from the Memory Man.

March of the Robot Field Mice


Here’s another “straight-to-tape-no-overdubs” track. This time I gave myself the liberty of pre-recording a few MIDI loops in the DAW with the mutes routed to a MIDI controller. I used eight of my favorite instruments including the Rhodes, Roland D-50, Roland Juno-106, Roland MKS-80, Korg Volca Keys, Novation Bass Station II, and SCI Pro-One.

Incidentally, the title of this track was inspired by a comment on Japan, California, UK that reads: “If, within 6 months, this isn’t the soundtrack to an inspirational, animated montage where cartoon field mice build an aeroplane from junk and fly above their home waving down to their friends, then there’s no justice.”

Locus 13.07b

This is another piece from a stockpile of synthesizer tracks that I’ve been sitting on for a while. Locus 13.07b is a study in polyrhythmic arpeggiation produced using the Roland Super Jupiter MKS-80 and the Roland D-50.

Arpeggio with Nightmare

This arpeggio includes stacked Roland D-50 and Roland MKS-80 sounds, plus some mad, metallic, nightmarish, knob tweaking that I did on the MKS-80. For me the piece invokes a vision of unsuspecting creatures going about their business, unaware of a predatory horror that lurks in their midst.

Arppegio with Nightmare

Ninths Chords on Stacked Polysynths

I played these dense open ninth chords triggering both the Roland D-50 and the Roland MKS-80 simultaneously.

Ninth Chords on Stacked Polys