Surly 1×1 Rigid Front Fork

Listening on monitors or good quality phones will allow you to hear the deep tone created when I smacked my palm against the side of the rigid front fork from my Surly 1×1 single speed mountain bike. I captured this sound with my PCM-D50 using the built in mics. This was a quiet sound so I needed to record in a quiet space.

This time I used my bedroom. The first step was to turn down the heat and wait for the fan to stop on the forced air heating system. Secondly I put the recorder on a stable surface (i.e. the bedside table) held the fork with my left hand while smacking it with my right palm.

Surly 1×1 Rigid Front Fork

4 thoughts on “Surly 1×1 Rigid Front Fork

  1. The tone sounds 26″ but in the picture it looks like it could be a 29″ fork. : ) You know tuned down that might make a cool 808 kind of drum sound.

  2. Thats funny, I’m repainting an old Schwinn right now, and I accidentally wanged the fork and really liked the sound…then I saw this post. I have a bunch of forks, maybe I’ll setup a fork orchestra.

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