Sound Crawl 2010

This Friday, April 23, 2010 at around midnight I am very excited to be performing a rare solo set at McNally Smith under my Ostraka moniker.

I’ll be using a number of custom developed tools, including the GMS and my tentatively titled WTGM (Wave-Table Glitch Machine).

The event is called Sound Crawl and is being billed as “the official sound track for Art Crawl”.

Other artists include James Patrick and Timefog, Oliver Grudem, and Minneapolis Art on Wheels. More information and a complete schedule is available at:


2 thoughts on “Sound Crawl 2010

  1. Your performance on this night was the highlight of the Sound Crawl for me! Epic and oh-so-esoteric, it nonetheless had the crowd absolutely captivated…fun times! I had a stranger ask me in all sincerity how I would classify the music he was experiencing, and I replied that it was truly one of a kind…special stuff, thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Thanks, Travis! Perhaps I’ll venture out and do a few more solo sets in the future. Stupidly I didn’t record what I played, so I have no clue how to repeat it. Perhaps that is ok though. All art is temporary, right?

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