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Social Sound DesignSocial Sound Design is a Q&A site for sound designers recently created by Andrew Spitz of { sound + design }. It looks like it has the potential to be an excellent resource. If you’re not familiar with Andrews site { sound + design } I recommend that you check it out as well. From SSD:

SSD is a Q&A site encompassing all the wonderful disciplines of sound design: film, game, art and installations, sound effects, new media, software, programming (Max/MSP; Pd, etc.), Arduino and micro-controllers, gear, feedback, recording, techniques and tips… as long as it involves sound design it is welcome here!

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  1. That site looks very similar because both sites are using StackExchange. Although there’s significant crossover, the subject material does differ; digital music vs sound design. Also, Andrew’s resource has an identity being associated with him and { sound + design }. I couldn’t find any ownership for bpm. SSD also has much more traffic, probably because people want to know who is at the controls and why, or perhaps they are already familiar with Andrew’s work.

  2. Sound design can be one of the building blocks of music. SSD focuses on sound design, not the medium of music. My intention is not to “dilute” the community, but on the contrary to have a gathering place for everyone with the same interest. The interest is not necessarily music, film, games or art but sound design applied to these.

    The reason your question ( hasn’t been answered is probably because it doesn’t fit on SSD. As John says, there is much cross-over but the focus is very different. Your question fits perfectly on BPM, and that’s why we have separate sites. I think the dilution would happen by combining the incredibly large topic of digital music and the just as large topic of sound design. It’s like saying editors and cinematographers should be lumped together in the same pot. Maybe not the best example :-) but you get the drift.

    I think there is value in both our sites. Please don’t see it at all as a competition.

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