Sequential Circuits Pro-One Restoration Part 2

Although I had seen photos of the Rev 1.2 mushrooms (mine was made prior to Rev 1.2), I didn’t expect to see Chenrezig, the Tibetan Buddha of Compassion, silk screened onto the circuit board of my Sequential Circuits Pro-One, or the Buddhist mantra, “Om Mani Padme Hum”, etched into the board in Tibetan characters. Even better, Sequential Circuits founder and MIDI pioneer Dave Smith initialed the circuit board twice in the upper left hand corner.

I should mention that this is my second Pro-One. The first one was stolen, and I bought the second one to replace it since I needed that exact sound for the band I was in at the time. The new one was missing a mod wheel. Later one of the knobs was broken off at a show or studio session, so I’m pretty excited to have it restored to it’s former glory.

Checkout the gallery to see the photos of the restoration process. The second and final session of the restoration happened the moment I received the missing parts. These included a replacement modulation wheel (although I think it turned out to be a pitch wheel), a replacement potentiometer, and a missing knob.

The first thing I did was install the mod wheel. Then it was time to swap out the broken pot. I had to remove the circuit board to do this, so while I had it out I thought it would be a good idea to clean things up a bit, so that was the majority of time spent. Finally I removed the old pot, replaced it, and reassembled everything, cleaning things up along the way. Before I put all the screws in I gave it a quick listen to make sure it still worked and the new parts were functional. It was an evening’s work, but more like fun to be honest. Enjoy the pics.

9 thoughts on “Sequential Circuits Pro-One Restoration Part 2

  1. this is really indicative of the hand-craftsmanship that went into these machines. what a nice surprise!

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  3. Once again, thanks for sharing! Really enjoyed looking at the photos.

    Just replaced the bushings on my Pro-One last week, hoping to replace the broken pot pretty soon here.

  4. Where did you get the replacement mod wheel? Mine is broken as well. Those things are brittle! What shocked me when I first bought my Pro-One is how lightweight they are. Thx for the pix.

  5. @trainspotter The cpu upgrade looks cool. Couldn’t find a price or place to buy from your link though. I think I’d be more interested in the midi upgrade + cpu. I’ve always wanted to apply a midi retrofit, but they all seemed a bit too expensive. If I could find one in kit form I might go for it.

  6. @john, shoot grant @ the above site he can hook you up, its the best kit and best 175$ i ever sent i even went the length and got the midi>cv test board so it now supports cc>midi.. totally worth it if you are in mpls which i for some reason believe you are and want to see it in action let me know.

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