Segment of New track at 84 bpm

Here’s a brief segment of a new track I’m working on. I don’t have much to say about it other than it’s at eighty four beats per minute and involves lots of processing. It is still untitled and far from complete, but I expect that it will be included on the album that I have committed to releasing this March on Unearthed Music. If you listen carefully you may recognize one of the layers as the sound from Octave Pedal Rhodes.

84 Octave (working title)

4 thoughts on “Segment of New track at 84 bpm

  1. sounds great! i am looking forward to your album.
    i was just wondering, did you hear of numerology jet? it´s a modular midi sequencer you can use to build very complex patterns just like this.
    i am just amazed by it, you should check it out.

  2. Hi twoandtwo. I haven’t tried Numerology yet. Version 2 looks pretty amazing. If I get my hands on it you will definitely hear something on ACB.

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