Saucer Sled Synth

Recently I built a Posc (Pocket Oscillator by Sonodrome) and discussed it in this entry with an audio example. Shortly afterward I built the circuit into a cardboard box and used the instrument in a number of performances and recording sessions. Now I have disassembled my beloved cardboard box and created a new instrument for an upcoming dance performance. This updated prototype is made from a plastic saucer sled, a 4″ speaker, a recycled nine volt amplifier, and the Posc circuit.

I started by drilling a grid pattern of air holes for the speaker. I then mounted the speaker behind the grid as shown. Finally I soldered the Posc circuit to the nine volt amp and the amp to the speaker. Two nine volt batteries and some duct tape completed the prototype. The night of the build I handed it to Pramila Vasudevan, the choreographer for the piece, and was amazed by the sound quality, and the response of the instrument to her movements. The final product will most likely be fabricated out of fiberglass to improve the rigidity and resonance of the disc or “shield”.

Read on to see a few more photos of the instrument.

Here’s the inside of the saucer sled synth. In the upper right you can see where the body contacts are duct taped to the handle. The contacts, along with the LDR and the rest of parts, will be mounted more securely on the upcoming fiber glass model.

Here’s the original model, built into a cardboard box, that I disassembled for the saucer sled synth. Since I have become quite fond of this device, I’ll be building another into a more study case soon.

Finally, here’s a view inside the late Cardboard Posc.

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