Reminder About the GMS Generative Track Competition

I have received a few notices of intent to participate in the GMS Generative Track Competition, but no entries so far. The deadline is still May 31, 2010, but I may extend it if necessary. Please drop me a line if you’re intending to submit something, or need more time. Here’s the original entry that includes the details about the competition.

Gestural Music Sequencer Generative Track Competition

5 thoughts on “Reminder About the GMS Generative Track Competition

  1. Hi Keith. Consideration for the compilation, and an opportunity to share your music on as well, whether or not your track is selected.

  2. I’d love to give this a try, however the Windows version of the file won’t load a Video, so it’s not of much use. :) (Load Video brings up the Load Preset dialog). Sounds like fun though!

  3. Hmm… I’m aware of a least a small group of Windows users that are using this successfully. Including Grant Muller who helped test the Windows version and posted some instructions on what’s necessary to make it play well with XP at least. Check out the comments on the GMS page around December of 2009.

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