Real Time MKS-80 Programming

Now that I have the MKS-80 repaired I have started organizing ways to program the synth in real time. Without the MPG-80 programmer, or a suitable substitute, the MKS-80 does not lend itself well as a performance instrument. At least that is the case if you’re like me and insist on having real time tactile control of a good majority of the parameters. The following sequence was recorded while programming the MKS-80 in real time utilizing the reKon Audio VST-AU MKS-80 Editor mapped in Ableton Live to a MIDI controller. The MIDI controller I used only has about twelve assignable knobs and sliders, so I carefully chose the parameters that would provide the more interesting results. This included most of the parameters in the VCF plus LFO speed and cross modulation.

MKS80 Arp Real Time Control

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