Processed Noise Extracted from 1972 Dialogue

What you hear in this clip is all of the processed noise extracted from 1972 Social Commentary Degraded with a Halftone Pattern pasted together. I ran the lot through a short ping pong delay to give give it some stereo processing. Secondly, I decided to leave this file in its 48kHz 24bit state before rendering the MP3. This way you can tell whether or not you have the latest Flash plugin. I just played it on a computer with an older version of Flash Player 10 and got some horrible crackling in the playback, however, if I play it in QuickTime by clicking the link it sounds fine. If you get the same problem, try upgrading your Flash plugin in the browser to fix it.

Processed Noise from 1972 Dialogue

One thought on “Processed Noise Extracted from 1972 Dialogue

  1. Fantastic effect! The stereo effect really does contribute to it by the way. Just out of curiosity, what do the original noises that you isolated sound like once put together as you did?

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